Red Bikinis

Skimpy swimwear can turn heads this summer, but nothing beats the allure of red bikinis in making a statement on the beach or by the pool.  Aside from being the color that undeniably exudes sexiness, a red bikini seems just the right hue to turn your summer into a sizzling hot one.  The popularity of this two piece swimsuit also stem from memorable portrayals by the media.  Movies, TV shows, and even pin-up posters have certainly fueled the perception towards the red bikini.  Here are just a few points in entertainment history where the swimsuit in this color has made memorable appearances.

Red Bikinis

Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

Men who lived their teen years in the 1980s would certainly look back to the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) for a scene that definitley etched the red bikini in their fantasies.  Phoebe Cates, who played Linda Barrett in the movie, donned a red number with a top that opens up front in the infamous red bikini scene.  However, much of what made the scene memorable was not just how the swimsuit looked good on Ms. Cates, but its subsequent shedding from Ms. Cates’ body.

Pamela Anderson in Baywatch

Baywatch propelled the beaches of Los Angeles to worldwide popularity by portraying the dedicated and long-legged lady lifguards in red swimsuits.  Pamela Anderson and the rest of the women of Baywatch all donned that infamous red swimsuit that despite being one-piece, made the sand sizzle and the waves retreat back into the oceans.

Salma Hayek in From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Britney must have taken a cue from Salma Hayek’s character in this movie where she pranced about accessorizing a sumptuous burgundy red bikini with a snake on her shoulders.  Salma Hayek in a burgundy two-piece made From Dusk Till Dawn one of the greatest movies by Quentin Tarantino.

Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush (2002)

Yep, bikini shorts in this hue perfectly showed off her character’s super duper flat abs.  Aside from reaching almost cult status, Blue Crush proved that girls can kick butt when it comes to surfing the biggest waves, while wearing the skimpiest suits to boot.

Helen Mirren vacationing in Italy

It is quite sure that British dame Helen Mirren looked really stunning back in her time, but what surprised many is how Ms.  Mirren rocked the red two-piece at the age of 63.  While vacationing in Italy, Ms.  Mirren was spotted wearing a classic two-piece number in this striking color and looking mighty fine.  In fact, she looked so fine that she put other women two-thirds her age to shame.

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